Enable your isolated workforce.

Facilitate real-time check-ins and health updates from staff in operation during isolation instigated by pandemic.

Take action during change.

Automated status updates from staff and visitors accessing sites, outlets and operations allows you to take immediate action to mitigate risk.

Assist workforce re-entry.

Certify approved workers and visitors, allowing them site access quickly, while reducing the risk of contagion.

site pandemic response


IAG Pandemic Response

Essential businesses and emergency response providers have a duty of care to all of their staff, contractors, clients and customers as they manage the global threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19). 


IAG Pandemic Response automates all compliance to help screen anyone that has a touchpoint with any of your workplaces or personnel eliminating manual questioning and ensuring complete compliance and a high level of safety response to COVID-19. 


It also includes a mental health check built-in as standard, so you can regularly check in on your newly isolated workforce operating from home and offer support and counselling as required. 


Be compliant, be safe

Global pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19) has significantly raised the risk profile of any essential service that remains in operation during isolation measures being rolled out by government bodies, globally. 


The IAG Pandemic Response automated questionnaire means anyone accessing your workplaces, outlets and operations are required to declare any contact with the virus, allowing you to be compliant. This mitigates risk and reduces the threat of future litigation. 


This works in reverse as well, meaning emergency responders can take a daily health test before heading into the field and potentially infecting already vulnerable people. 

be compliant be safe


End manual processing

IAG Pandemic Response is fully automated. You don’t need to waste valuable staff time by individually screening workers, contractors and other visitors to your operations.

Approved workers and visitors can be certified and gain access quickly. Flagged threats can be denied access to reduce the risk of contagion at your place(s) of business.

Automating this process means you can carry on with a business-as-usual approach while still being safe, responsible and compliant.

This simple to use application is available FREE to all small businesses*, charity groups and not-for-profit organisations.

* 50 employees or less. For large companies, costs are scaled depending on the workforce size and IAG SPR is offered at a significantly discounted rate.


Key Benefits

Automated form processing

Simplified questionnaire

Mitigation of pandemic challenges


Avoids potential litigation

Transparency and trust

Shows that you care


See how IAG SPR works

third-party premises
pre-attendance screening

Don’t risk the health and safety of your personnel or contractors required to help customers at the roadside or in their homes.

IAG Pandemic Response allows you to screen contractors via a simple, automated process to determine if they are showing signs of illness, or have potentially come into contact with someone carrying Coronavirus. 

Based on the resulting risk score, you can opt to dispatch an alternative contractor or, if possible, reschedule the appointment.

employee physical health and mental wellbeing screening

Businesses that remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic need to implement screening protocols to ensure the safety of both their staff and visitors. 


IAG SPR has automated this process with a simple health and wellbeing survey that can be quickly deployed to your workforce, alerting you in real-time of any potential risk, and allowing you to take action to protect the physical and mental health of your team.

Work From Home Risk Assessments

Social distancing and isolation protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 mean many people are now working from home. Employers must provide a safe environment to work in – even if that place of work is the employee’s own dwelling.


IAG SPR offers a simple, automated risk assessment survey that can be quickly deployed to your home-based workforce, alerting you in real-time of potential risk.



IAG Pandemic Response is available free of charge for all small businesses requiring 50 or less licences.

For everyone else, you will enjoy heavily discounted, scaled rates.

  • FREE

  • $0/ mo
    • Up to 50 users
    • Simplified Questionnaire
    • Generic Risk Assessment
    • Mental and Physical Health Status Alerts
    • Email and Push Notifications
    • Mental Health Questionnaire
    • Global Coverage and Multiple Timezones
    • Standard SPR Portal

  • POA
    • 50+ Users
    • Customised Questionnaire
    • Bespoke Risk Assessment
    • Work From Home Risk Assessment
    • Customer Site / Residence Screening
    • Mental and Physical Health Status Alerts
    • SMS, Email and Push Notifications
    • Mental Health Questionnaire
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Global Coverage and Multiple Timezones
    • Customised / Branded Portal


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